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Welcome to TSL Projects – Taking the Stress out of Design and Delivery of Capital Projects

How many times have you been involved in a project which has run over time or over budget or both ?  …We bet the answer is quite a few.

At TSL Projects we are committed to doing projects in a smarter simpler way. At the heart of our team are a dedicated group of industry professionals who, having been on the receiving end of budget & time overruns, decided to change the way projects are done and break the pattern of disappointing outcomes.

Over the years we have worked hard to analyse what causes projects to fail and have developed a way of working which is designed to simplify the process and eliminate the ‘noise’ within traditional project delivery models.

Our emphasis is always on combining innovative, forward thinking design with engineering excellence and first class delivery. We are totally committed to making your project a triumph.

Our formula is simple, start with the right people in the team, ensure you get the scope right, understand the key business drivers and the deliverables required on completion of the project, ensure you set the correct budget, define the phasing and business impacts of doing the work, constantly align design with outturn costs, be vigilant about scope creep through design, get design sign off from the stakeholders, choose the right supply chain and equipment partners to deliver, put safety and the environment first in your delivery plans, manage the quality of installation through the build,  regularly communicate through the execution phase, never lose a day on the programme, identify and control all the critical points, share project news quickly and openly, plan the training and handover early, make some friends along the way.

The forward thinking clients who have already worked with us describe us as ‘a breath of fresh air’  and a ‘true partner’ in delivering their business goals.

We are proud that over 80% of our business is with clients we have an ongoing relationship with or who have recommended us to others.

Dare to be Different – Why not join the many enlightened companies who have already made the change and embrace the ‘TSL Way’ of delivering projects.